Wednesday, October 3, 2007 videos, agenda, etc.

The videos for the class are hopefully going to have arrived by the time class starts on Oct. 13th. If not, we will go the old-fashioned route (which I have gone before, so it's nothing new) in which I go around the room showing everyone the casting-on stitch.

If you want to take a look at some of the videos we'll be using (I persuaded the library to order the CD-ROM set for us!) go to and look especially under Basic Techniques, I believe it's entitled. You'll notice that there's two options for almost every video: Continental or English. The wonderfully talented Amy Finlay prefers Continental, and I have heard it is faster in the long run, but English is easier to catch on to, and I personally prefer it (but that has less to do with it).

NOTE: You will not be "required" to bring needles the first day of class. This is because if you have not ever purchased needles, you would be purchasing them blindly. I will give you instruction on which needles to buy for which yarns. In the meantime, I will bring my brigade of needles up to the library and we will use those (unless you just already have needles and would like to bring yours, too).

Agenda to cover Oct 13th while we are potlucking:

1. Recommended supplies list and substitutions
2. The components of knitting that we will be covering throughout the duration of the class' run

3. At least one method of casting-on! (In other words, getting the stitches onto the needle)

Can't wait to see you all there!

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